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Input of Output

Do you need input to produce output? If so, what input is best?

Perhaps in order to be creative and in order to create just about anything you need constant stimulus. This inspiration can be from reading, whether regular books that one chooses to read or from audio books. The main important factor is that information is constantly being funneled through one’s brain and filtered, processed and allocated to the right memory bank for later spending.

It is likely best to diversify one’s reading supply. Some reviews of a daily newspaper, popular technology or popular culture magazine and also reading of online posts. But just how much reading from internet sources is acceptable, useful and credible?

Is the information in a post usually verifiable? Can the content be relied upon for a major decision or for a purchase of a product or service? Are there noteworthy online journalists as one might find in the newspaper or magazine industry?

One can certainly read one’s fill of copy online and generate ideas from quality content. There are also mainly entertaining articles online. An expert may be required for know to surely know which copy is credible and which is just junk. Now for a segue: A slight diversion from the current topic to a new one, without a pause or connecting sentence.

Copywriting, which usually consists of marketing copy or promotional content, is used to script or pen words in a useful way to properly advertise a product or service. This type of text is regularly input into oneself every time one watches television, listening to the radio or reads a newspaper, which is usually littered with ads.

Online, in the Internet world, there is ample supply of copywriting. In nearly every search on a major Search Engine one is likely to draw out many pages that contain no content that is even remotely related or similar to one’s search. This is because Search Engines, for now anyway, are housed with information that has been input almost solely for the purpose of producing massive amounts of output.

The important question of consideration is whether or not there is an adequate – if any- filter on Search Engines, right now. With the advent of new gTLDs (Generic Top-Level Domains) information will be more accurately catalogued and filtered to ensure that searches will accurately produce results that are reflective of the information requested.


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