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Making Connections

The first step in making a connection is demonstrating relevance. Without the potential for a meeting of the minds on a mutually beneficial purpose for people to have a conversation there will be no discussion.  Once you have determined that you have something of value to offer in a partnership the next step in the partnering process is to prove your worth to the potential partner.

Even if you have a value services or products to offer you need to prove to the possible partner that they will gain an advantage in the marketplace, by joining forces with you. Your beneficial value must be either in terms of marketing presence, in print or online or in terms of a client list / contact database. These key areas of value will prove to be value added assets to the prospective partner.

If you can save money for a company in the realm of advertising, then it will be most grateful. You can pitch the option of allowing the enterprise the option of promoting its products or services on your website. This will ensure that the company will see you as a partner that maximizes their marketing presence with prowess.

Assuming that you have great marketing skills and have a high traffic website you will seem to be a great potential partner. But how do you establish the partnership. No doubt there will be a highly trained gatekeeper (also known as a receptionist) who will not be eager to refer your information to the Marketing Manager. You will likely receive numerous rejections to your partnership offer. The general pattern will be two rebuttals to you effort to promote your services, during the initial or follow-up call.

You must believe in the value of your skills and the worth of your partnership potential. Your confidence needs to shine through during the dialogue. Many other people are calling with a similar sales pitch. To make your sales presentation shine you must seem to be more valuable than the rest of the herd of callers.

To project yourself properly you should consider some basic rules of telephone etiquette. Here they are in no special order:

  1. Sit up straight.
  2. Be sure to smile (good to have mirror on your computer screen or within sight). Your smile will be heard through your voice.
  3. Remember to pause, even though you will likely be a fast talking pitcher of marketing prowess.
  4. Listen to the reply / response. Take notes of what is said.
  5. Do not interrupt no matter what reason you may have for so doing.
  6. Thank the receptionist for listening and always be polite, even if you see no potential for partnering.
  7. Request a time and date for future follow-up on the call.



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