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Is it best to be robotic as relates to one’s emotions and display of same in business? The realm of business is just that an arena likened to a lion’s den. Business is a wild place to be at any time.

Survival in business requires that one be savvy at investing, direct in negotiations, exercise precision in every transaction. To be heartless and ruthless may not sound nice. But are business professional who exhibit these traits successful in commerce?

Let us take an example of prospecting a potential client. If the client tells you that they are not interested in your products or services at the present time, but that they want you to follow up with them at some set time and date. Imagine that you do follow up as agreed only to be told that the client will let you know if they are interested in doing business and will contact you when ready to proceed with deal. Due to the shyness or lack of business savviness of your prospective client you have lost time and banked on receiving money that was not every possible to acquire. Did this person steal your mind? Perhaps, only if you really invested your mind in the possibility of a deal.

The above example may seem silly. But it illustrates the main point being put forth, which is should one decided to put one’s emotions into business dealings, then one will always lose, at some point in their commercial career.

While the characters in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and other objectivist novels may seem heartless and robotic, true capitalist’s practice this mindset regularly to stay immune to the many diseases running rampant in the realm of commerce!

Being direct and to the point may seem blunt and rude in one’s interpersonal communications, but it is acceptable when money is at stake. Better to offend the feelings of another by being direct and to the point, then to risk misleading another; including oneself. One must weigh hurt feelings against an empty pocketbook.

Keeping your bank account in the plus is more valuable than worrying about minuses in social graces in the business arena. Be diligent, scrupulous and thorough on all terms of a business deal. Have all terms in writing, to be reviewed often prior to signing. Even for small deals, one should utilize the services of a competent lawyer. Surely, being cheap is very expensive!




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