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The Amourgis Law Office knows litigation is not easy.   It is a long, arduous road and is often considered to be similar to a “psychological war”.  It takes a careful consideration of many personal and professional factors before you engage in a lawsuit.  Often, when suing or being sued, your life stops, while you attend to your lawsuit and managing your issues.  You need legal advice, legal support and legal representation to assist you in your lawsuit and to allow you to continue with your life.

The Amourgis Law Office works best when the stakes are high, to put your mind at ease.  Handling the most difficult cases, effectively, is why you need an experienced lawyer, such as the Amourgis Law Office, to assist you.  Our experience works to assist you.

Whether you are protecting yourself to enforcing/defending your business deal; the Amourgis Law Office handles even the most contentious litigation.

We handle the following cases:

  • commercial litigation
  • construction litigation
  • torts (business and negligence)
  • other civil litigation
  • employment litigation

We offer a non-invasive, non-judgmental initial consultation to allow you to see how to best manage your options and pursue or terminate litigation.

We use the latest courtroom techniques to protect you, your investment and your family while obtaining the most from your judgment.  We are effective and our tactics greatly reduce the time spent in court to facilitate the legal process for you.

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We successfully represented a woman whose father had forgotten her in his will.  She had to sue her relatives in order to obtain her rightful share of the will.



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