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Renovate, Rebuild or Relocate Your House

You loved your home from the moment you saw it and you fell in love with your neighbourhood as well. But now you might be working cross town and want to live closer to work, or your family may be growing. Regardless of the reasons, your current home may not be able to accommodate your […]

Living Highrise

Before you make the largest purchase of your life, by buying a condominium you need to be sure that you have all of the relevant details. A condominium is not ever going to become someone’s total or autonomous property. By the very definition of a condominium you can easy know that a condominium is a […]

Condominium Concerns

You need to ask yourself if you really want to live in a condominium. There are pluses or positives and minuses or negatives with every option. If you choose reside alongside many other people in an apartment like setting, then are some issues of concern that you should consider beforehand. Every condominium building has a […]

Resale Condos in Toronto and More

Did you ever wonder which resale condominium is a good or great investment? The best possible deals that will result in a substantial return on your money are properties in areas to be developed or revamped. If you are buying in area where a revitalization project is underway, then you are buying at the wrong […]

Why Pay Market Price for A Home?

Visit: Estate.Land and for more quality content. If you are in the process of purchasing a new home, then you need to ask yourself some important questions. Firstly, Why Pay Market Price for A Home? Do I have the money to buy what I want? Will I be purchasing the house or condominium that […]

Who Took The Real Estate Market?

Who Took the Real Estate Market? Has the Real Property market been stolen? Who Took the Real Estate Market? Why is it so difficult to afford a home in major cities throughout Canada? Conversely why is it so affordable or cheap to buy a home in urban areas? Did one major Real Estate Developer purchase […]

Close Now Pay Later

Close now pay later. Why not close a home transaction today and pay later; up to six months later?”Legal fees, title insurance premiums, land transfer tax, applicable registration costs and program fees” can all be deferred for a small administration fee. Please review the Smart Close Program offered by RE/MAX Realty Brokerage’s for more details.  According to […]


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