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Renovate, Rebuild or Relocate Your House

You loved your home from the moment you saw it and you fell in love with your neighbourhood as well. But now you might be working cross town and want to live closer to work, or your family may be growing. Regardless of the reasons, your current home may not be able to accommodate your […]


Mortgage To Rise

Greater risk on the part of financial institutions is the major element driving the recent sharp increases in mortgage rates for new loans, Dominion Lending Centres chief economist Sherry Cooper said. Mortgage rates to climb further as institutional lenders react to increased risk “These disruptive forces of COVID-19 have markedly reduced the earnings of banks and other […]

Report Recommends Paralegals Provide Services in Some Family Law Matters

A much-anticipated report has recommended broadening the scope of family law to let paralegals provide legal services in some matters. If implemented by the provincial government and the Law Society of Upper Canada, the report’s recommendations would let paralegals represent clients in court in a number of family law areas, including custody, access and simple child […]

Skilled Workers Immigrate Faster

We choose skilled immigrants as permanent residents based on their ability to settle in Canada and take part in our economy. Our system to manage how people with skilled work experience apply to immigrate to Canada is called Express Entry. Immigrate as a skilled worker through Express Entry Most requested Create an account or sign […]

Paralegals in Family Court

Should paralegals be allowed into family court? It’s one of the most divisive questions swirling through the Ontario legal community this year. With most litigants now appearing without a lawyer for family cases in the province, a recent family law review by a former Ontario court chief justice recommends paralegals be allowed into family courtrooms on certain matters, including […]

Superior Court of Justice

The Superior Court of Justice is dedicated to ensuring meaningful access to justice for family law litigants at all Superior Court locations. Access to justice means providing family court services and processes that are timely, efficient, effective, and affordable. The purpose of these services and processes is to resolve family cases in ways that minimize […]

Protect your business with a non-disclosure agreement

Are you looking for help bringing an invention to market? Are you seeking financial assistance from a potential investor? If so, you may have heard of, or are putting together, a non-disclosure agreement. A non-disclosure agreement, also known as a NDA or confidentiality agreement, is intended to prevent an idea or technology from being stolen and copied. […]


Canada Does Not Permit Software Patents

Canada, as put in perspective in light of Canada’s notorious (worldwide) patent trolls WE RARELY write about Canadian patent law, but we certainly write about Canadian companies like BlackBerry and i4i because they use the US patent system (for the most part) to go after their rivals. IAM recently published, for a law firm as usual (shameless […]

Tim Hortons franchisees push back

Tim Hortons franchisees are pushing back against changes implemented by the chain’s new owners that are designed to cut costs but will lower the quality of the products, a report suggests. According to the report in Tuesday’s Globe & Mail newspaper, the franchisees have created an organization called the Great White North Franchisee Association to represent […]

Living Highrise

Before you make the largest purchase of your life, by buying a condominium you need to be sure that you have all of the relevant details. A condominium is not ever going to become someone’s total or autonomous property. By the very definition of a condominium you can easy know that a condominium is a […]


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