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Condominium Concerns

You need to ask yourself if you really want to live in a condominium. There are pluses or positives and minuses or negatives with every option. If you choose reside alongside many other people in an apartment like setting, then are some issues of concern that you should consider beforehand. Every condominium building has a […]

Resale Condos in Toronto and More

Did you ever wonder which resale condominium is a good or great investment? The best possible deals that will result in a substantial return on your money are properties in areas to be developed or revamped. If you are buying in area where a revitalization project is underway, then you are buying at the wrong […]

Historical Perspectives

We, the global collective of the world’s population, often wonder about world events and history. While we may seem to be certain about events and their causes and resulting effects on the totality of the historical chain, we do not always have the correct perspective through which to view history. History does not exist in […]

Monopolies Insiders and Price Fixing

Did you ever wonder if there is price fixing going on in major industries and / or sectors? Perhaps there are monopolies in almost every industry one can imagine. Even when one company does not necessarily have a complete monopoly they may share the market with some other large companies to control the marketplace and […]

Man in Mirror

Did you ever hear the song: Man in the Mirror, sung by Michael Jackson? One of the lyrics is: “If you want to make the world a better place, then take look in the world and make a change. What, if anything does this phrase mean? Perhaps Michael Jackson or whoever was the actual composer of […]

Beware the Confidence Man

Beware the Confidence Man. He will tell you all that you want to hear. Build your ego without any fear. He will speak of your great potential and actual success. He may have none of his own to boast about. Or perhaps he will spin his wheel of deception to fool you into believing he is […]

Advanced Tipping

Why do you tip at a restaurant? Is it because of the great service you received? Were you impressed by the quality of the food? Do you find the establishment well outfitted and professionally groomed? Perhaps you feel a sense of obligation to tip, based on a standard practices in the food and beverage industry, […]

Who Is You

Did you ever ask yourself: Who am I? What if this experience of life is an acted role upon a stage? “All the world’s a stage“, writes Shakespeare in “As You Like It.  Jaques in Act II Scene VII, says: “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their […]

Outsource My Life

Outsourcing is all the rage nowadays. Work is outsourced on a global scale. I have even heard of friendship being outsourced when relationships seem to take a toll on one friend. Product production may be outsourced in whole or in part. Is there a real benefit to outsourcing? If you purchase Web Design or Digital […]

Objectivism Revisited

Is it best to be robotic as relates to one’s emotions and display of same in business? The realm of business is just that an arena likened to a lion’s den. Business is a wild place to be at any time. Survival in business requires that one be savvy at investing, direct in negotiations, exercise […]


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