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Buying a home nowadays, whether a house a or condominium should be a straightforward process. If one has  enough money for a down payment, then one should be able to make an offer on a property of one’s desire. There are, however, many obstacles in the process of purchasing a home. These include costs, such as: land transfer fees, realtor fees, home staging fees, moving costs and legal expenses; are only some of the most common payments to be made when acquiring a home.

One wants to know how to buy a home nowadays. If one ventures into alternative markets, one can perhaps save money in the home-buying process. Possible options include, buying through a commission-free sales system, where the seller instead pays only a flat fee to the sales service. Purchasing property through a Foreclosure or Power of Sale process, can offer a potential purchaser the opportunity to bid in an auction or to submit offers to a bank or credit company for the property. Also, a buyer can gain an advantage – in their buying process – by submitting a tender for a property offered through a tax sale; to either acquire the deed or the lien on a property.

There are numerous other options available to purchasers who want to save big and spend small, in their property purchasing adventure. They can also buy properties through a trust sale, which might be listed with a specified realtor. To find out about these and many more great options to make your ownership of a home a reality, please contact – where the world comes home.

There are some government grants for new home buyers that can be provided as a tax credit or exemption. For more information click here:


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Nowadays buying a house is nearly impossible. Therefore, one must make a grueling effort to discover how to afford a home. Whether interest rates are low or high, no one wants to shepherd the burden of a mortgage. Coming up with a down payment is also quite difficult. So there must be other options. Let’s learn to afford homes in Toronto.

Perhaps exploring purchasing strategies outside the normal process – of buying a home through a real estate agent where potential commissions could affect the sale price – is a real novelty to investigate. Also, a homeowner will want to list their property for a high price, and then negotiate with potential purchasers to meet at a compromised price. There are other options.

As a smart home buyer you can utilize alternative markets, such as Bank-owned properties. These hot properties may be listed by a Real Estate broker who is a specialist in  this area of unique sales. Other options include Sheriff Auctions, Tax Deeds, Tax Sales. At a Sheriff Auction a properties are sold to the highest bidder, while a minimum reserve must still be met. Bidders must register in advance of the auction and pledge at least 20 of the intended total amount to be submitted as tender for the property.

Tax Deeds are an usual property sale and usually occur in the United States. Tax Deeds sales involve the sale of a the deed to a property for the amount owed as penalty on the property for non-payment of taxes. The Grant Street Group has a website that offers great resources for potential bidders aim to secure Foreclosure Properties and Tax Deeds. Here is a link to their website:

Tax Sales or Tax Lien Sales vary from Tax Deeds, since Tax Sales are sold to satisfy the amount of unpaid taxes, plus interest and penalties levied by the municipality. No warranty is made regarding title. This perhaps suggests that even if one successfully submits the highest tender in the correctly prescribed form there is still no guarantee that one will be the new owner of the property. All potential purchasers of any type of property available for auction or municipal sale should at the onset of the purchasing process seek qualified legal advice from a Lawyer in good standing.

Throughout the internet there are ample directories, which list properties as alternative sales processes. From foreclosures to power of sale there are many ways that properties are sold. There are many other methods of properties being listed and sold. To find out about unique opportunities for acquiring a property at a low cost, please visit:, where the world comes home!


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