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Whose Possessions Are Yours?

When you buy something on credit or only pay an initial deposit are you agreeing to be totally occupied with paying for an item that you will not certainly own? When you do make a big ticket purchase are obligating yourself to an expenditure that you cannot handle?

If you buy a product that you cannot afford, then you are going to have to make regular minimum payments, for which you may not have the money to cover such costs. You will be working to pay for that which you seemingly bought, but which is not fully or really yours – that is until you pay for it completely. If you buy an expensive item and do pay it off, then you will likely also correspondingly purchase insurance coverage for it. Either way, when you buy something is seemingly beyond your means, you will have to continue to make payments beyond your so-called purchase of the product.

When can you own something and not be obligated to it? If you buy a product for which you have the correct amount of money in what is known a liquid capital or cash, then you can know with certainty that you have actually bought something that immediately becomes yours. Otherwise, the madness of credit can almost seem to cause you to become possessed by your possessions.

Alternative payment plans for purchases beyond your immediate means are available. Lay-a-away for example allows you to ensure that you will be the owner of an item that you want to buy, while permitting you to save up for it and make regular or even sporadic payments to pay down the total price. But how many companies actually offer lay-a-way? You should choose to shop at such a store, even as a matter of principal, if for no other reason than that they offer lay-a-way plans. This entire methodology demonstrates that the company cares about the consumer. The novel approach of lay-a-way is in drastic opposition to stores that instead prefer to offer high-interest credit cards to customers, usually at the cash register or checkout points. These juggernauts warehouse stores usually have no available staff members that you can ask questions to inquire about products and / or prices. There sole concern is cash; getting more of yours and spending less or none of their own.  Do you want to shop at such a store to endorse this system of shopping?






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