high rise condominium

What to look for in a condominium? What features does your ideal condo need to have? Do you want certain amenities?

From the look of the hallway carpet to the design structure of the wall to the layout and positioning the windows in the suites – every builder is somewhat unique. Does your dream high rise residence need to have central air conditioning and adjustable heating? Do you want a graphite countertop and a mirrored closet?

More importantly does your dream living destination have a swimming pool? Is it deep or shallow? Does your building have a whirlpool and sauna? How about a billiards room and a meeting room and party room? What are the rules for booking either of these special rooms?  Is a deposit required?

Does each floor have a garbage drop station? Is it fitted for recycling and organics as well as garbage? Is there a hand-sanitizer at each entrance and in each area where there may be trash?

Is the management company well-known and of high repute? Have you done research to determine the credulity and reliability of the property management group that will be overseeing the day to day operations of the building where you will reside? What about the security company that will be responsible for patrolling the building and will provide concierges to control the entry and exit of guests into the building? Is the company well respected in the industry? Also, what about the cleaning  / maintenance company? Is it comprised of thoroughly trained staff? You could do research on all of these types of companies online.  You will want to know if all of these companies are bonded and registered with a good rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What is the constitution of the current Board of Directors? Is any resident eligible to run for a position in an election? Are there any unusual rules of regulations? Does the board set the maintenance fee or do they consult with the management company or an accounting firm?  Will you receive a detailed listing of these regulatory requirements when you move-in?  Does your building have a social committee that organizes events for residents? Is there a fee to attend the functions?

For your high rise residence you should ensure that there will local activities; parks, places of religious worship, supermarkets, solid roads and good municipal infrastructure. Also, you will want to know that the tax rate / mill rate will progress at a steady or low rate. You don’t want to find out that you cannot afford where you live not long after you be accustomed to being a resident there.


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