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Practice Safe Business

Do you practice safe business? Do you offer protections to your client’s?

Let us be clear and direct about the nature of general business practices, online and in-person there are common processes that companies utilize when conducting transactions. Not all of these activities are safe for customers or for the business itself. Perhaps you visit a website that seems to offer a complimentary service, such as an initial free trial period to download images, only to later discover that you are now being regularly billed for a subscription service to which you do not recall agreeing.  A situation such as this is a case of unsafe or illegitimate business process.

It may in fact be true that the website had an option to unsubscribe within a set time period (usually 5 days to one week), but if the option was not obvious, then the business process is surely unsafe and illegitimate. Based on how the company responds to your request for a refund will determine whether or not you should continue a working relationship with the company. If the company immediately agrees to issue a full refund and is helpful in instructing you on how to unsubscribe to prevent unrequested potential future billing, then this is good sign that you may have found a quality business partner for the long term.

If you are a business that sells a product or service and does not clarify the terms of service or emphasize the warranty on the products sold, then you will not be able to build a loyal following of customers. Purchasers want to know that they are at all times dealing with an above board business that is upfront about all of the features and terms of their products and services. It is not worth losing highly valued potential business for the future for a small deal at present.

Nowadays there are review websites all over the Internet / Web that list complaints about unreliable and questionable business practices. For the sake of a few bucks you do not want or need to be seen as scammer on one of these review boards. Instead, you want to be spoken about on social media outlets and be given a five star ranking on business review boards. The more you are praised by satisfied customers, albeit an initially small following, the greater will be your staying power in your industry niche. Remember to always practice safe business!


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Regardless of whatever business you are in you need to have a strategy for success. The first call or initial consultation, with a client, sets the stage for every other future communication, since it is the first impression and these count a hundredfold.

You want to dazzle your potential client with your knowledge of your industry and paint a mental image in your potential client’s mind that portrays you as an expert in your field. But offering too much information can be counterproductive.

Instead you want to present your abilities in a good light. Keep the conversation short and to the point. Ask for a retainer or a consultation fee before the end of the telephone call. Yes, be bold be proud and make sure that your effectively communicate that your expertise has a value.

If you demonstrate your worth through seeming to be a professional in your industry during the initial consultation, then this image will remain in the mind of your client for the duration of your working relationship.

Be clear on your capabilities. Be confident in your skills. Be sure of your ability to deliver superior results. Set a timeline for completion that will certainly meet or exceed.

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Why do big box stores or department stores spend so much money on marketing and promotion and almost no money on training and retaining staff members? It seems like customer service failed many shoppers of big box stores.

If staff are only paid minimum wage, then how can they be expected to demonstrate great customer service? Instead these unmotivated workers will only perform basic duties as per the job description. If there is no incentive for a sales person to learn their job thoroughly, then they will only have basic knowledge about products.

Large department stores need to offer regular training to staff members on products and sales techniques. Funding should be made available to staff who want to take relevant courses that will help them to perform their job better. Some companies offer these options. Yet this strategy seems to be foreign to big box stores where employee turnover is rampant.

High employee turnover is problematic because people buy from people, just as much as they purchase products or services out of necessity or desire. Knowing and having a relationship with an employee at a store, such as being able to talk about the weather and having the staff member being aware of the customers name is essential customer continuity. People like to be called by their name, whether it be there first or last name.

Some people may believe that customer satisfaction rests with the manufacturer of a product. But in a customer service environment, such as retail outlet customer satisfaction is what counts. This can only be achieved if customers receive a smile, an appropriate greeting and are treated like family.

People want to be spoken to in a cordial manner, feel welcomed and received as though they are appreciated. If customers are not made to feel as though they are valued at a store, then they will not care much about the products, which they can purchase elsewhere. If customer choose to shop elsewhere, then certainly it will much more difficult and more expensive, in terms of advertising and promotion to regain customer attention and loyalty, then to initially ensure customer retention. Some companies offer a loyalty club membership or rewards program toward this end.

If one cannot create a positive consumer-friendly environment, then perhaps it would be best for the products to only be sold online or in a warehouse. People shop not only for the item they want to buy, but for the experience of shopping in and of itself.



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