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Title Insurance Mysteries

So you want to buy a beautiful new home and you need to know it is free and clear of debts and issues. As a qualified prospective purchaser you will want to know with certainty that there are no title insurance mysteries. Whether you plan to purchase a condominium or a house, you will need to be sure there are no debts on the title to the desired property. Liens, certificates of pending litigation and judgments against a property can become a financial problem for the new owner.

To avoid becoming responsible for debts of the current or former owner you should conduct a full title search to be sure the property is free and clear of debts; current or pending. A Writ Search can be conducted on the name or reference number of the debt as registered with the municipality. A Province-wide search can also be completed on the owner – using their full name or company name. If the property is owned by a company then you may want to utilize the company name search. A property search can also be performed on the name, address or PIN # (Property Identification Number).

You should be sure that your title search is professionally completed and that the searcher of title is fully licensed and insured. When you choose to have a title searched is up to you. Perhaps you will want to know once you have a tour of a potential property for purchase, whether or not the title to the home is free and clear. You could also have a title searched conducted upon closing. This search may be the responsibility of your lawyer.

Teraview / Teranet Inc. offers a variety of options for title searches. For a listing list of registered conveyancers visit and review Ontario Association of Professional Searchers of Records.




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