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Title insurance is a must or go bust! If you buy a resale condo without title insurance then you are risking more than you bargained for in the realm of real property purchases.

When you buy title insurance you are protecting your interests in a condo deal. It can provide protection for liens on titles that might not have been registered as of the date of transfer; but which were pending prior to the sale of the property. A tax certificate may have been registered against a property for unpaid property taxes and the amount due would need to be paid before transfer of the deed. A Lawyer will normally conduct a full title search which would uncover this type of debt. Sometimes a conveyancer or other title searcher will only conduct a partial title search for debts owing by the owner and not for debts against the property proper. This could result in a failure to notice all amounts owed on title to the property in full.

Specialized title insurance through a Law Firm that partners with a brokerage Title insurance packages can offer security against flimsy and faulty appliances, as well as debts on the title to the property. Possibly property taxes or maintenance fees may have gone unpaid by a prior owner.

To be sure one is employing the services of a capable and qualified title searcher one should consult and review the website for Ontario Association of Searchers of Records:



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