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Did you ever wonder which resale condominium is a good or great investment? The best possible deals that will result in a substantial return on your money are properties in areas to be developed or revamped.

If you are buying in area where a revitalization project is underway, then you are buying at the wrong time. after the opportunity to earn money has long since passed. The time to buy is before the government or industry partners decided to rebuild a building or redevelop an area.

In the Jane Street area, from Shoreham to Finch is a valuable investment option for any savvy real property investor. Recently a subway stop was constructed at York University and one is underway at Jane Street and Hwy 7. Any property in the surrounding area would be a great investment opportunity.

Once the subway station is completely at Jane and Hwy 7 there will be a major investment by governmental agencies to revitalize the nearby areas. Not long Parkdale  was rebuilt with massive grants from various levels of government and construction programs that employed residents, as part of a community development initiative.

If you can buy a condominium anywhere in the Greater Toronto area for less than one-hundred thousand dollars, then you should buy it right away. Condominium prices are sure to continue rise upwards in proportion to the number of levels in the buildings.

Be a smart investor. Buy before other people even realize that there is potential for earnings in any neighborhood. Newmarket area and northbound is a smart option for buying land, which could be used for condominium buildings and townhouse developments, as well as general subdivisions. Mansions could be constructed on any of the current farmland in towns just North of Newmarket, from Sharon to Sutton.

Rezoning may be necessary to obtain a building permit for houses and condominiums, in areas formerly used as farms. Even with the possible expense involved in getting a land rezoned and the long waiting period for so doing, the potential earnings far outweigh any initial costs.

Condominiums may sold due to the the bankruptcy or ill financial position of a condominium board. This situation may be noted as a Assessment, which is related to the assessed rate of an additional fee that residents will need to pay to their management office, supplemental to regular maintenance fees. The Assessment fee will be paid the bank or mortgage company to whom the building or corporation owes money, usually as a result of borrowing for repairs or to maintain the reserve fund.  Many residents may not be able to meet the financial obligations of an Assessment fee, especially if they purchased their condominium with a loan and not a mortgage.

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Perhaps you received a job offer in a foreign country, or you may have been reassigned within your existing place of employment. What matters now is that you may need to move. You want to be sure that you can find an equivalent accommodation. You will want to know how to make the right move overseas. If property research is not your job, then you might need help from authorities in this area. Relocation specialists’ are highly trained and experienced to ensure that you will be able to achieve comfort in your desired destination.

You can benefit from experts who know the real property market conditions where you hope to reside. These connoisseurs of comfort will surely be able to assist you in realizing the reality of your dream home. All the components of a new house or condominium will be carefully analyzed according to your: budget, requirements and specifications; by a team of trained relocation professionals.

Factors of consideration could include:

  • Specific location within a city or region
  • Set size of home (house or condominium)
  • Number or rooms / bedrooms / washrooms
  • Nearness to amenities
  • Proximity to public transportation
  • Quality of life

To be sure that your relocation expert will be able to accommodate all of your expectations you need to be specific in your request.

  • Will family members be moving with you?
  • Is your move temporary (few months) or permanent (1 year or much longer)?
  • Are you active in recreational activities / sports?
  • Do you enjoy entertainment?
  • Do you want to be near venues for movies / plays?
  • Do you want to be located near grocery stores?

Also, being clear on the type of work you do and the nature of your job duties can be useful in the design of a relocation plan for you and your loved ones. Depending on how much time you plan to spend at home, versus outside will determine the necessity of a spacious or luxurious home. If you  plan to be out most of time, then perhaps you only need a small space, which should be well decorated to ensure your remain inspired.

Your budget will also have a bearing on your course of relocation. If your employer is going to pay your relocation costs, then your counselor has to work within the allocated budget. If you will bare the burden for your new residence, then you can be lavish in your spending or thrifty while remaining nifty.


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