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Where are all the best deals on property? They are everywhere on-line. You only need to know where to look and you will find a great buy – for cheap property discoveries. Options for seeking and securing great deals on a new home include: searching often, hiring a specialized Property Researcher, and enlisting the expert assistance of a trained Real Estate Agent.

While anyone can use the Internet, not everyone is able to search effectively to sort out relevant information and separate it from junk. Even in a junkyard there can be a really valuable find and also garbage. Knowing the difference between old things and antique items is a skill. Similarly, in a property search one must distinguish a golden deal from a money pit.

To be sure, spending a small amount initially, to hire a Property Research Specialist, is a worthwhile investment, which will pay major dividends well into the future. If you could save $10,000 or more on your home purchase and you only need to pay $500 to $1000 to hire an expert Property Researcher, then you are ahead – by thousands of dollars in savings – in the Real Property game.

There are various firms that offer detailed property research programs to assist would-be buyers in sourcing a hard to find home; with rare specifications. Perhaps you want a large backyard or wide front yard or no front yard. You will need a special search for your home. This effort requires a qualified researcher.

Even in deciding what you are actually hoping to find, in terms of: price, location, size and design; you may need help deciding on what type of home you want to buy. A Property Researcher will be able to offer a unique perspective for purchasing the right home, on budget and on time.

Timely purchases should not be entered into hastily. A Real Estate Agent may want their client to buy a home quickly, because the Agent will likewise be paid soon after. To be a smart home buyer you could utilize the services of Property Research Specialist and a Real Estate Agent simultaneously. Once the researcher has narrowed down your selection options, an Agent can ensure professionalism in closing the deal.

Negotiation skills are a must in a home-buying transaction. A specially trained and licensed Agent will be able to negotiate on your behalf. But you could enlist the services of specialized Property Researcher to source the most qualified Real Estate Agent to meet your home-buying needs.

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Types of Discounted Properties Toronto


There are many types of discounted properties that can be offered for sale through a variety of means. Properties may be offered for auction, usually with a reserve price. Bids can be made incrementally. A deposit of 10% to 20% of the estimated highest bid is usually required upon registration at the auction.


If a condominium corporation becomes indebted to a bank that holds the mortgage on the building, then a set assessment fee may be registered on the corporation. As well if the reserve fund becomes a non-sufficient amount or if the account is overdrawn in order to pay for renovations or emergency maintenance to the building or facilities. An additional fee on top of the maintenance fee may need to be paid by individual owners of condominiums in the building. This amount will need to be paid until the debt is cleared.

Bank Repossessions

A bank may repossess a property on which a mortgage is held and sell the property via a variety of means, including auction, foreclosure (not common in Canada) and power of sale.

Crown Land Sales

If the government owns land that it does not consider valuable or believes to be excess property, then it can sell parcel via various means, including; auction or listing it with a special realty company, among other options. These properties are usually located areas and were formally part of a national park or proposed and cancelled land development project.

Municipal Surplus Sales

Similar to Crown Land Lands, Municipal Surplus Sales involve a municipality selling excess land that the municipality does not want to maintain. This property can be sold via auction or tender package where bids are submitted in writing in a closed envelope prior to the date of sale.

Provincial Land Sales

These lands are usually located near highways or part of cancelled land development projects. The land is sold because the Province does not want to maintain the land. This property can be sold via auction or tender package where bids are submitted in writing in a closed envelope prior to the date of sale.


If an owner of a house, condominium or land defaults on mortgage payments for many months, then the bank can take possession of the property and sell it directly. To assume ownership of the property the bank would need to obtain a judgment from a court in the region where the property is situated to transfer the deed / ownership of said lands to the bank.

Power of Sale

A Power of Sale process involves a bank ordering a property to sell their property by a set date, due to non-payment or irregular mortgage payments. The owner will be able to claim and keep some of their equity in the property whereas they would not have this option with a foreclosure. The owner can benefit from the difference between the sale price and the money owed to bank.

Tax Sales

If a property owner does not pay the required property taxes for two years or more, then the region, or city can sell it to cover the cost of the taxes owed, plus interest and penalties (legal / processing fees).This property can be sold via auction or tender package where bids are submitted in writing in a closed envelope prior to the date of sale.

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Are you a new home buyer, or a well-seasoned purchaser? Perhaps you are a skilled seller who sets the optimal sale price for their property. Possibly you can effectively negotiate to obtain it. It is time to experience a revolutionary – results driven – real property model. You can now avert transactions that hinge on commission percentages for agents.

            If you are a savvy investor who values a no-nonsense approach to property acquisition, then you should choose At this fresh new brokerage, agents are employed on a salary, rather than on commission – as is norm in the industry. To remove a bias, TheRedPin offers a varied compensation structure, to agents, which features a salary and a fixed bonus. The bonus is tied to the degree of client satisfaction. After each transaction a survey is conducted, with each client, to determine contentment, and to ensure the continuous improvement of service quality.

            To attract the most qualified and knowledgeable agents, in the industry, there is an internal recruiting team, which focuses on sourcing the most qualified candidates. Their agents are hand-picked (among the top 5% nationwide performers) after an intensive interview process. TheRedPin is regularly in hiring mode, and notes this on their blog. Once hired, agents are provided with extensive training, to enrich their industry knowledge, and to enhance their customer service aptitudes.

            Agents, on staff, are supported by a dedicated marketing squad, and fostered by a cohesive team environment. TheRedPin has a phenomenal customer loyalty team, and excellent technology supports, upon which agents can rely. This brokerage enables agents to provide great service, by housing them in an optimal work environment. Their sales model does not require agents to cold call prospects. Agents direct their focus on providing the highest level of customer service to existing clients.

            Utilizing various marketing channels, both online and offline; TheRedPin is able to routinely attract customers to their brokerage. Some brokerages employ strategies of cold calling, or knocking on doors, which is a push method that can often be counterproductive. Here, the emphasis is on the pull method. Customers are enticed by effective marketing.

            This flagship brokerage has exclusive alliances, with builders of new condominium developments. Their unique relationship with clients includes; open communication about a builder’s track record – which is a unique practice in the industry. Agents at TheRedPin can professionally respond to client enquiries, such as: Were the buildings completed without issues? How many successful buildings were built, by a specific builder, within a set time period?

            Agents at TheRedPin will present clients with precise property directions for potential purchases, including: GTA homes for sale. Clients are notified all local properties, which might be of interest to them. Their agents do not limit their dossier, to one builder, during presentations to clients. Other agents may have to conduct research, on requested details; then, at a later date, they will reply to a customer’s request for information. Specialized agents at TheRedPin will furnish clients with relevant property details, about the local vicinity; such as nearby schools and amenities. In the words of Rokham Fard, Co-founder & CMO of “Our agents’ main focus is to provide a 5-star customer service experience for our clients.”




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