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Can you manage it? It is one thing to be given responsibility, as a manager. To supervise others is an immense task. It requires a strong character, even when there may be a difference of opinion.

In all circumstances, you should only manage according to your capacity to do so to the maximum of your capability. If ‘life is like an employer that gives you what you ask and once you set the wages then you must bear the task’1, then you need to be specific about request and be prepared to maintain your management of what you get.

In relationships, as well, one must manage one’s time and one’s contribution to the partnership, because that is what a relationship is – a merger of partners into one common lifestyle, with shared goals and principles. One must set times for speaking with one’s partner. Going out to events and hosting dinners and parties requires constant management. Budgeting is extremely important. Agreeing on a budget and adhering to it can make or break a relationship.

Being a good manager in all instances requires delegation of responsibility to others who are as capable or more so proficient at the same work. Perhaps knowingly hiring or assigning others who are more capable is a key component of being a great manager. Not allowing one’s pride to get in the way of work being completed is a superior management. If your staff can outperform you, then you know that you selected great workers.

Managing personalities, once you have selected the best team members is great management. To be a good manager one must know when to inspire one’s team and when to let your staff excel at the work that they do best. Sometimes just staying out of the way and letting your staff thrive at their work is what makes a great manager.

Having a good eye and an upbeat perspective is what makes a manager a good leader. To be a good leader is not the same as leading. People do not like being lead like sheep. But a good shepherd does not seem to be leading his / her sheep. The sheep just seem to follow a path that they see other sheep walking. It is really only the lead sheep that a shepherd needs to lead. Perhaps having a good supervisor or assistant manager that seems to be the lead is an excellent management partner.


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Is there a rhythm to conversations? Is there a pattern to the dialogue of a discussion? Does the tone of speech and inflection affect the way message is delivered to the recipient?

Perhaps there is a rhythm of sales as well. The sound of confident sales person speaking, using relevant industry jargon and expressing one’s voice with enthusiasm is of great comfort to a prospective purchaser. In a way, a relationship is being built through a sales call.

A potential customer will be more likely to complete a purchase, if the sales person has good manners and cheerful countenance. The ability to make small talk and to speak in terms that are relevant to the prospective customer’s interests will prove valuable in securing a sale. Every salesman has a set process for his sales pitch and every transaction has momentum of combined perspectives.

It is important that the sales pitch be concise yet informative. The sales person should speak in an upbeat manner and definitely be smiling. Even if the consumer cannot see through the phone; a smiling representative will project a joyful presence, which gets transmitted through vibrations through the line. Sitting up straight, maintaining good posture and taking notes on the customers comments are useful strategies for ensuring high sales levels.

There is a rhythm to a sale. Like any interaction, both parties should find the discussion interesting and informative, but not boring. A concerted effort must be made by the negotiator or sales agent for each party to the transaction to ensure that the sales process is concise and focused on the deal. There must be no room for personal matters or opinions on any matter not related to the deal at hand to surface. Otherwise the sale could easily be lost and not recoverable.

People are by nature interested having conversations about whatever is on their mind at the time. A sales meeting or purchase process is not the correct venue for personal discussions or for the airing of opinions or views on global matters or personal issues.

Therefore, a star sales representative should keep sentences short and to the point and maintain a constant rhythm to their pattern of speech. The sales professional will redirect any discussion that is off the point of the deal and refocus attention on what is most important. This will ensure a lower call to sale ratio, with more leads maximized to the fullest potential.


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