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Where is your domain? Just like a person has a home, whether it is a house or a condominium or some other type of residence, similarly a person can have an online address / presence in the way of a domain name and website. A  online domain is where you reside on the Internet.

Your domain name needs to be in a top spot online in order to have regular visitors. This will require a lot of maintenance. Just like you need to maintain a house, internally and externally – you will need to ensure that the website is properly outfitted and furnished on the backend. Having a strategic search engine optimization and social media campaign is just as valuable as having the right design of your house inside and out.

When visitors come to your home you want them to feel comfortable and most importantly to feel welcome. The same is true for your website. Visitors should feel at home when they first come to your main page. Not having too many pictures or too much content is a great idea. There should be some content obviously. Whatever is written there should be upbeat, using short sentences. Images that highlight your company’s purpose, products or services can be used, but sparingly.

You want to know where your visitors are finding you, in terms of country and which search engine they used to find you. This is similar to a guest in your home. You will want to know something about them. A real live guest offers the opportunity for questions. You may inquire about: where they are from, what is their profession and what they know about you are some questions that may arise during a first meeting.

On your website you will immediately want to answer any potential queries a prospective client / customer could have about your business. You will definitely want to have a clearly written and detailed About Us page. On this page you will likely want to avoid having images, since they could detract from the written content. Text throughout the website should not be repetitive, even though you may need to use some buzz words often as part of SEO strategy. If you do need to reuse the same word on a page or on the website, then be sure that the words are being used in a relevant context.

Consider visitors to your website like visitors to your home. You want to imagine that you are having a conversation with them, albeit it may seem one-sided. To ensure your online visitors are at home on your website you want to put yourself in their headspace or mind’s eye, so to speak. Think of questions you might ask upon coming upon your website from a visitor’s perspective. How would you answer these questions? Compose your content as though you are replying to questions and comments about your business. Well written text will encourage repeat visitors and limit irrelevant comments.




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Is the advent of a website really that unique? Or is it perhaps just a refined and highly technological expression of the human being. Every person is a walking, talking and thinking website – in a manner of speaking – a Human Web Page.

A website has main page or landing page, has various links, internal and to other related websites. A website is a part of network of websites. This interlocking and connectedness gives it a higher priority on Search Engines, than it would otherwise have on it is own. How is this phenomenon much different from the human condition. For “man does not exist as an individual, but rather as a part of his surrounding society” (Kaplan, p.23: Faces and Facets; 1996). Does this revelation perhaps gives credence to the structure of the interconnectedness that gives a website its presence and ranking on the Internet?

Being promoted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest and many other possible social media outlets does ensure the popularity of a website, which in turn effects its ranking. Likewise a person’s communication and relationships with others determines their popularity and their social value. A person may be promoted by the associations, clubs, fraternities and volunteer groups to which one is member. Membership in actual club or such similar, however requires a greater commitment in terms of time and responsibilities, than does being a member of a social media website. Sharing of articles online is one form of contributing to the global community, whereas sharing information directly with friends or colleagues requires finesse and presentation skills in addition to content.

How is a person known to others? A person is represented by words that are used to describe them and of course there are specific points of note for each unique individual. The words used to explain a person, perhaps as a general introduction to a stranger at first meeting, are there own descriptive factors. Likewise a website and its of its pages contains keywords, a description and a Meta Tag, which orders the keywords and description in a set format.

Moreover, there are features of person such as how they style their hair and how they wear their clothes. These are not much different from how a website display pictures to highlight its purpose and meaning. A website is recent version of expression for humans, yet its functioning processing on the Internet is not unlike the way a person functions in the world.



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