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Sleep Yoga

We can all have trouble sleeping from time to time and really need a little help easing in to our night time. With all the distractions now days it can really be hard to Turn Off and let yourself truly relax.

Here are just a few yoga poses that I use to help transition me from a hectic day to a restful night.

1) Sit in a comfortable position on your bed and take a few moments to MEDITATE: clear the mind, focus on the breath.

2) Take 10 deep BREATHs in and out through the nose-counting to 5 as you inhale and counting to 7 as you exhale, making the exhale a little longer than the inhale.

3) Recline onto your back and HUG YOURSELF: knees into the chest, rock and roll clockwise counter clockwise massaging the back.

4) Keeping knees into the chest, allow arms to come out into T position, on an exhale drop knees to the right side coming into a RECLINED SPINAL TWIST. Return your focus to your breath, stay here for 10 breaths. Repeat on other side.

5) Inhale knees back to centre of chest, raise feet to sky. Bring hands in between feet and grab a foot with each hand- coming into HAPPY BABY POSE. Holding for 10 breaths.

6) Begin to release arms to side in comfortable position and on your next inhale lengthen the LEGS UP THE WALL, exhale allowing them to relax on the wall, resting in this position. Hold for 10-20 breaths.

7) Let legs come off the wall and slowly and gently swivel around to a seated position, lengthening one leg at a time out in front of you. Take an inhale to lengthen spine, lift chest and on your exhale begin to fold forward coming in a SEATED FORWARD FOLD. Hold for 10 breaths.

8) After your 10th exhale, take an inhale to tuck the chin to the chest and as you exhale slowly roll up vertebrae by vertebrae letting the head surface last and slowly begin to roll all the way down onto your back.

9) Settle into SAVASANA. Taking your deepest most flowing breaths yet- take as many as you want or need.

10) RELAX into a restful sleep

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Achieve Balance

Does every transaction function or operate based on the premise that there is a requirement for give and take for the deal to be completed? Let’s say that you are in a social rather than a business relationship: Is there still a necessity for give and take for an agreement to be reached? Yes it is the case that every deal requires a negotiation resolved.

To be successful in your deal making transactions you need to prove that you have something to offer that is greater value, from your own perspective, than what you hope to gain from the person with whom you are striving to seal a deal. You need to be confident in your abilities to seem persuasive. If you do not completely and fully believe in your abilities and in the products and / or services that you are offering for sale or trade, then how can you expect a competitor to believe in your capabilities or the worth of your wares?

You are probably wondering why I used the term competitors to explain the partners in the deal making process. But is this not certainly the correct term? It is right. Everyone is ultimately competing in this world for goods, resources and services. During every transactional process each person is in stark competition to win at the game of life.

Realizing that every transaction has a requirement for a systemized pattern of give and take is essential to being a capable and contributing member of society. This sharing of value for value is crucial for relationships to work and to do so effectively with optimal efficiency. To believe otherwise is foolish and delusional.

Let us take personal relationships as an example of value for value sharing. You are dating or married and you are hosting a dinner for friends, with your partner. One of you has agreed to cook, in exchange for the other person having consented to be the designated cleaner of dishes, preparation and table areas. This is a transactional process, whether you choose to realize it or not.

Is the situation really that much different in the realm of commercial deals? Not really. In a seemingly friendly, but really aggressive way, business matters involve one person trying to get the better of the other. The value for value trade is not always equal, as may seem to be in person relationships. The determining factor for equality, or the lack thereof, in business deals is the intellectual intelligence or business savvy that one negotiator brings to the table – which is projected from a higher echelon of thought – versus the less experienced thinker. Are you the more or less capable deal maker? What value do you provide and what do expect for it?





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