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The Success Zone

Are you there? Can you feel your achievement? Do you see all that you have accomplished? Can you maintain a pattern of success from all of your efforts?

Some people, it seems, can endure for an extended period of complete victory in all of their activities, personal and professional. This realized potential is likely the result of a strong mental state of mind that envisions and perceives of only triumph in every endeavor.

It has often been claimed by motivational speakers and philosophers throughout history that where one’s mind is so is the person. Is this theory correct? Are you where you believe yourself to be in actual reality? Can you change your physical circumstances by adjusting and modifying your mindset; by refocusing your thought processes?

Do you ever hear about business people, celebrities and even people in your own community who seem to be winners at  just about everything? These people probably only allow their mind to process constant thoughts of winning. They do not allow in any potential thoughts of fear of failure or fear, at all. They live every moment as though they have already completed their every task with complete victory. They are in the success zone.

You are probably wondering, alright – there is a mind state of triumph or a success zone, but how can you get yourself there if you are not already there.  A good start is to begin by associating with people who think positively and who believe in themselves and who have confidence in their abilities to achieve victory for all of their projects, howsoever small or exceedingly large?

Your friends are a reflection of yourself. The mental / psychological states of your personal or professional colleagues will shape the way you envision reality. You need to befriend people who are physically and mentally fit. You can encourage your acquaintances and friends to join a gym and also to think good thoughts. A more realistic attitude, however, is to create new friendships with people who are already working out regularly at gym. Regularly reading and communicating with people who also read often will help you and them to think more original thoughts. New thoughts create new thought processes, which like a brain gym.

There it is, now resolved. You will speak well and do well. You will associate with others who want good outcomes and who believe great things are possible for you and them. You will enter and remain in the success zone!



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In business, as with any area of life that requires communication, being confident is crucial for one’s success. People can sense, smell, hear and read your confidence level. You need to believe in yourself so that you can ensure that others will want to believe in you and your abilities.

The way you stand or sit or position or hands during conversation are all telltale signs of your self confidence. Also, the words you say, the pace and rhythm of your speech and the words you use to communicate your message are all relevant factors for you presentation to the world and to potential clients / customers.

You need portray an image of confidence and passionate belief in your capabilities to cause others to want to employ your skills. Even in securing business partner you need to prove your self-worth.

Based on your belief in your skill-set, a possible partner will determine whether or not you are worthy of their time and effort and skills. If you do not firmly believe in your abilities or skills, it is not likely that through sympathy or empathy a possible business partner or client will want to enter into a working relationship with you.

To present yourself a competent business person you need to dress to impress and wear your clothes with great poise. You need to speak with confidence, always sounding sure of what you a saying. Avoid relying on quotes, common phrases, and colloquial terms. Above all do not ramble on and on about anything and do not go on a tangent in your discussion. The ability to stay focused on the specific topic of consideration demonstrates linear thinking. By keeping the conversation brief you show others that you complete set tasks quickly. All these noted attributes demonstrate professionalism.

People want to work with someone who is professional and who is more about getting things done than just theorizing on what one might want to do at some point in the future. Discuss the project overall, set clear goals to complete the work and outlines timelines to achieve benchmarks for work completion. Budgeting and total cost for work is important. But be sure you have sold the potential client on your value and worth before quoting a fee.

If you are not sure of your abilities to accomplish work, then why should or would anyone else be certain of your relevance to their goals. 






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