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Patterning the World

Who is most integral and valuable in a medium of communication? Whether it is for a book, movie, play, song video game, video or other entertainment system; writers are the starting point for all perpetual effects. Is that correct? Or should I have instead have written that writers are the essential base from which all residual effects branch outwards? Yes, that is more literally scripted. Now for patterning the world.

Writers pen their thoughts on paper, which communicates ideas. The real idea meant to be communicated is not generally obvious. Actually the initial intent of the idea to be put forward may never truly be known by the readership. Even when the words, once put to paper, are placed upon a screen the meaning meant by the writer may not come across as it was meant to be read or said or acted out. The same can be rightly said for writers of all media. The initial code for a video game that creates its construct and relevant parameters may be overshadowed by those who compose the storyboard, as well as by designers and those who color pixels to utter sharpness.

Writers conceive ideas, which they have received from the ether (stuff in the air) and do their best to arrange them in understandable ways as ordered words upon a paper. These ideas are then received by readers, according to and by means of their filtered perception of reality and processed or shaped into varied ideas. After much effort has been made to maintain the original idea a creative type rationalizes that creativity calls for innovation and the initial spark – the idea – is no longer present. It is as though it has vanished into the ether. In reality the idea is still where it was put by pen to paper.

The focus of this discussion on the pattern that is essentially or initially created and then lost and reshaped through interpretation and implementation into realizable actuality through a technological medium of communication. Has the pattern that the writer was meant to place into the world by way of their communication of it now been patterned wrongly or improperly? It is possible? It is patterning or shaping of reality that matters most.

It could be said – based on this view or perspective of reality – that we are all writers. Each us has ideas, every second of everyday – at all times – of which we first conceive and then give birth to through our channeled expression in the right medium of communication. Some of us will choose to express our every thought, without limitation. Others will create a Blog and post many articles to share our ideas with others. Either way we are at all times creating a pattern on the world; albeit seemingly a small effect. Many small contributions collectively shared and focused make a massive impact and create a noticeable pattern.

Are we ever aware of the patter we are creating? Do we realize that the way we speak, our tone of voice, with inflection and rhythm of flow can be soothing or off-putting? Do we ever take stock to evaluate how what we say will be heard and whether it will be well received by the intended recipient and by others who were not even supposed to hear what was said?

We are at all times creating a pattern, like a patchwork that with each patch becomes a quilt. “We all live in a global quilt. We are all members of a collective society where each member of a community can and does contribute their own patch of fabric to the greater tapestry of their own community” (Zack Steel – New Canadians Forum). The fibers of the patch of fabric may initially come from many ideas / contributors who each have their own independent ideas, which they share with others. Eventually the ideas begin to shape / pattern the place where they were thought and communicated. It may take much time for a physicality to manifest from the seemingly intangible idea, but it will happen. Every word spoken, every step taken, every action and every perception, even every thought will be seen as a physical reality one day.

Is it possible that our ideas, thoughts and words that have no noticeable physical presence will take on a form or have a perceivable presence? Do these phenomena not have a physical being even now? Electrical impulses sent across synapses in the brain do exist and have somewhat of a form. Did you not ever see a flash of lightning across the sky? Was this not a manifestation of electricity in a “physical” form? What about the rays of the Sun? While unseen they are commonly accepting as existing? Just ask anyone who spent much time at the beach without sunscreen? They will tell you there are rays emanating from the Sun. How can it true? I cannot grasp a ray or store it and use it in the winter or a cloudy day. But the rays are real. Can the same not be claimed for ideas thoughts?

There must be an initial physical reality of thoughts for there to later be a communication of them in form, in whatever shape it may assume; written or spoken. How we shape the idea once it enters our mind and later emerges from our brain has definite and set resulting effects that will surely has residual effects. The world itself is shaped much more by what we think, than by words or actions. It may not be obvious how this is correct. But take for an example any place where people are at all times happy and joyful, is there not in that place wealth and abundance. Can it certainly be determined which came first – the state of mind or the state of being?

To know for sure that words have more of an influence on the shaping / patterning of the world one need only consider that based on the words in a newspaper – no not only there! Even the words on a computer screen from a news website or even on the main page of a Search Engine create a pattern of reality – whether or not the news is accurate is not relevant to this paper. The essential point of interest is how we will view the news and interpret it. Moreover, what is absolutely crucial to our perceived reality is how what is written – as the news – will cause us to act in the world. Based on what we read, will we reconsider buying this product or that one? We will sell our property or make a certain investment all because of what we read? Not always verifying what reviewed. We will shape our portion of the world based on what was proclaimed by a source, printed or virtual (online).

According to J.S. Mill, in his epic work On Liberty, “He who lets the world, or his portion of it, choose his plan of life for him, has no need of any other faculty than the ape-like one of imitation. He who chooses the plan for himself employs all his faculties”.  Is this right? Does it matter if we are creating our own patterns according to our own desired design? Or should we pattern our portion of the world according to the conception of others? How will you choose to pattern the world? What will be your patch of the quilt look like and will it nicely blend with those nearby? More importantly what is the appearance of the current global quilt? What will the patchwork of history look like when it finished?
































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