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Could you ever imagine being a celebrity? To be a superstar in any industry: music, film, television, radio or in print; featured in a magazine or a newspaper is a no small achievement. There are all types of celebrities.

A celebrity lives a unique lifestyle, which differs greatly from that of an average or even a successful or popular person. All the glamour seems to require a posh lifestyle, with servants and large palaces. More than this is the need to be scene at the right venues, be they bars, clubs, restaurants, galas and soirees, among other functions.

To be everywhere and be seen as a featured star one must look the part. This requires an expensive wardrobe of clothes and accessories. All the trimmings are quite costly. Even with a seemingly unlimited bank account, financial resources can easily be quickly depleted.

Celebrities are masters of their craft or trade. They are not necessarily business-minded people. Therefore, even if they have a financial advisor or accountant, these stars may have difficulty managing their money.

Is there a celebrity slush fund that bankrupt or financially troublesome stars can access when all of their other financial portals cease? If there is not already a Celebrity Slush Fund or insurance fund that a star can rely on when their money is all spent, then some financial company should create one. It would be a valuable and much needed resource for those who seem to have an infinite supply of resources.

The Celebrity Slush Fund could be a member-based account that stars pay into, as someone would pay premiums towards an insurance policy. There could be different and variable tiers or levels of membership. If a celebrity were to lose all of their money and exhaust all other options, then they could still bank on some assistance. The available money to be allocated could either be set or within a specified range or the fund could be set up whereby whatever money is currently in the fund could be claimed by a star that is legitimately out of money. Proof of bankruptcy or documents that substantiate the financial reality of the celebrity could be required for access to the Celebrity Slush Fund.

This unique financial creation could even be effectively promoted by former celebrities who would be likely candidates for the Fund. Also, current lesser known stars could champion the cause and gain notoriety.


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