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What exactly is a property deal? It is an opportunity to save money on a prime condo, house or land that would otherwise cost substantially more. All property deals have buyer and seller and sometimes a negotiator or two. To reduce the fees involved one needs to minimize the parties involved in the transaction. Each professional who will be part of the deal wants to be paid, whether an upfront set fee or a commission on the sale.

Let’s say that you have an agent or broker – will this ensure that you will have maximum access to the best selection of properties? Not certainly. Perhaps the agent or broker will rely solely on the multiple listing service when conducting a property search on your behalf. How would such an approach be of value to you as a purchaser? You can search the public property listing service. You can also peruse the internet to search for great deals on property. But will you be able to find your dream home at great price?

To be successful in your search for a discounted home you need the assistance of an experienced and informed property researcher. Having researched various methods of finding a variety of property options for home buyers, I can source a superb home for you at a discount. My research fee is set amounts – no commission structure here. Also, you can receive regular updates on great deal properties throughout the month. Finally you can benefit from the vast resources contained within my Property Directories Listing Package.

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