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Who Took the Real Estate Market?

Has the Real Property market been stolen? Who Took the Real Estate Market? Why is it so difficult to afford a home in major cities throughout Canada? Conversely why is it so affordable or cheap to buy a home in urban areas? Did one major Real Estate Developer purchase every house or housing development? Or was it many Developer’s, as part of conspiracy to compel the increase of housing costs?

It may seem as though there is a concerted effort, by an elite aristocracy to bolster home costs. But this is a paranoid perspective that should cease. Instead, let us focus on what is actually happening. Firstly, it seems as many streets where there were once bungalows or small shack-like shanty town dwellings are being replaced by large box multi-leveled structured dwellings.

Where are these independent builders getting all of this seemingly newfound cash flow? Possibly this influx of money is coming from foreign investments / investors. It could seem like foreign investors sent relatives to buy up many areas and populate them with immense building that look like houses. Entire families could reside in these super-structured domains for many years, all the while paying for utilities and maintenance upkeep fees. Eventually these houses will be so at a high increase far over above the general market price for so-called comparable residences. The homes being used in the comparison, which are not even similar in design, size or structural integrity. This is perhaps a major issue of concern.

With a new standard being set for house sizes, homeowner’s are listing their dissimilar properties at outrageously high-prices in an effort to compete with homes that are not even slightly related. It seems we may have partially determined the cause of the ever-increasing house listing crisis – egoism (great big egos). A great desire by home sellers to fetch a high price for their average house puts potential buyers into a financial dilemma.

This translates into big business for loan companies, mortgage agents / brokers and trust companies. These financial powerhouses will be able to set high interest rates for loans and mortgages, as so-called standard loan processing fees. This process can be interpreted as being a great farce by a hard working person who just wants to be able to afford a home. The result is many potential home buyers will need to find a place to dwell in undesirable but affordable areas. Is there an elite status for home ownership?


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Are you a new home buyer, or a well-seasoned purchaser? Perhaps you are a skilled seller who sets the optimal sale price for their property. Possibly you can effectively negotiate to obtain it. It is time to experience a revolutionary – results driven – real property model. You can now avert transactions that hinge on commission percentages for agents.

            If you are a savvy investor who values a no-nonsense approach to property acquisition, then you should choose At this fresh new brokerage, agents are employed on a salary, rather than on commission – as is norm in the industry. To remove a bias, TheRedPin offers a varied compensation structure, to agents, which features a salary and a fixed bonus. The bonus is tied to the degree of client satisfaction. After each transaction a survey is conducted, with each client, to determine contentment, and to ensure the continuous improvement of service quality.

            To attract the most qualified and knowledgeable agents, in the industry, there is an internal recruiting team, which focuses on sourcing the most qualified candidates. Their agents are hand-picked (among the top 5% nationwide performers) after an intensive interview process. TheRedPin is regularly in hiring mode, and notes this on their blog. Once hired, agents are provided with extensive training, to enrich their industry knowledge, and to enhance their customer service aptitudes.

            Agents, on staff, are supported by a dedicated marketing squad, and fostered by a cohesive team environment. TheRedPin has a phenomenal customer loyalty team, and excellent technology supports, upon which agents can rely. This brokerage enables agents to provide great service, by housing them in an optimal work environment. Their sales model does not require agents to cold call prospects. Agents direct their focus on providing the highest level of customer service to existing clients.

            Utilizing various marketing channels, both online and offline; TheRedPin is able to routinely attract customers to their brokerage. Some brokerages employ strategies of cold calling, or knocking on doors, which is a push method that can often be counterproductive. Here, the emphasis is on the pull method. Customers are enticed by effective marketing.

            This flagship brokerage has exclusive alliances, with builders of new condominium developments. Their unique relationship with clients includes; open communication about a builder’s track record – which is a unique practice in the industry. Agents at TheRedPin can professionally respond to client enquiries, such as: Were the buildings completed without issues? How many successful buildings were built, by a specific builder, within a set time period?

            Agents at TheRedPin will present clients with precise property directions for potential purchases, including: GTA homes for sale. Clients are notified all local properties, which might be of interest to them. Their agents do not limit their dossier, to one builder, during presentations to clients. Other agents may have to conduct research, on requested details; then, at a later date, they will reply to a customer’s request for information. Specialized agents at TheRedPin will furnish clients with relevant property details, about the local vicinity; such as nearby schools and amenities. In the words of Rokham Fard, Co-founder & CMO of “Our agents’ main focus is to provide a 5-star customer service experience for our clients.”




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