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Every business transaction has one – a saleable factor. Each type of sales process has one specific component, on which the deal or potential for a deal hinges. This is saleability in practice.

This detail could be: a comment, the sound of one’s voice, inflection, not speaking / interrupting, smiling while speaking, constant pattern of speech, mirroring the other party’s voice or simply listening more than speaking.

Knowing when and how to speak is of crucial importance to making a sale and to earning money. Some research could be conducted to determine how one should communicate or interact with a prospect. First, why not look him / her up on LinkedIN or other credible business networking website. Look at recent posts of your prospect on Facebook and Twitter.

By reviewing social media contributions and business profiles for your potential client you can find out what associations he / she is a member of and be able to determine his / his interests. During the discussion you could mention one of the clubs and inquire about or comment on it. Don’t be shy or elusive – clearly state where you discovered the information about your prospective client. They may be greatly impressed that someone took the time and effort to learn about them before trying to sell them something.

Note if your prospect writes well. Does he / she use commas and other syntax properly? These details are important because they will let you know if your prospective customer pauses during their discussion. Will you be able to make your pitch? Should you speak fast or slow? You need to know. If it is unlikely that you will be able to ‘get a word in edgewise’, then you may need to speak quickly with a friendly / positive sounding voice that is direct yet upbeat.

Knowing when to close is a unique skill. This entails: obtaining agreement for the project / work, securing a verbal commitment to move forward in the business relationship, permission to send a contract and an initial invoice or deposit. Once you have reached this stage ‘you are golden’ – so to speak.

To be sure, you must have completely answered all inquiries and have heard some compliments or favorable statements from your prospect about the potential project. Then suggest that you send an e-mail containing a summary of the terms of the work and an initial invoice. You can list all of the amounts owing for the remainder of the work, either in the e-mail or in the invoice, but note them as being smaller than main amount and position them at the bottom or side of the e-mail / invoice. Greatest attention should be focused on the ‘matter at hand’. At the conclusion of the call / meeting confirm all contact particulars and offer yours, as well.



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