tips in a business restaurant

Why do you tip at a restaurant? Is it because of the great service you received? Were you impressed by the quality of the food? Do you find the establishment well outfitted and professionally groomed?

Perhaps you feel a sense of obligation to tip, based on a standard practices in the food and beverage industry, which promote a gratuity of 15% or so. Some restaurants and bars include this set gratuity on bills. What if you want to leave a higher tip amount, would you need to justify or explain so doing? Can you in good conscience leave lower tip amount, if you are displeased with the service or food or beverage you received?

We know that servers – whether they are waiters, waitresses or bussers – rely heavily on tips to balance their income. They are paid low salaries from restaurant or bar owners. Therefore, can one choose not to tip? If one does not tip, for whatever reason, is one wrong is so doing?

It is likely that one will receive poor service or no service if one returns to the same eatery or bar, if one is known to be a cheapskate who does not tip. Even if one received poor service, one should still tip their server and choose to not return to that establishment again, or to request a different server for their next meal at the same place.

Possibly, one can be assured of the highest standard of service if one tips their server at the onset of the meal. It is not uncommon for patrons to tip a host or hostess, upon entry into a bar or eatery to be ensured a great seat or favorite table. This being the case, it is not bizarre to tip a waiter or waitress at the start of meal to ensure that one will get the best service. One could also send a tip to the chef or cook to promote confidence in the preparation of one’s meal and ensure its expedient creation. One can tip bussers at the start of the meal to encourage swift service for water and drink refills and bread basket replenishments, as well as for prompt clearing of dishes throughout the meal.

Be a good tipper. Tip in advance of your meal or upon entry in a bar or eatery. Tip more than the industry standard. Tip in cash for easy tip pooling of servers.



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