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MegaMind Abacus Academy Integrated Educational System

  • Enhances learning in all subjects
  • Enhances memory for greater attention span
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Increases confidence in Mathematics
  • Improves student’s confidence level
  • Empowers students to be able to ask questions in class
  • Improves overall academic performance
  • Promotes positive attitude towards education

Are you a parent who needs a great school to count on? MegaMind Abacus Academy is your launching pad to a lifetime of success in English, French and Mathematics.

The Abacus mental math system uses an abacus for the performance of arithmetic calculations. Children who learn abacus techniques can manage a series of 5 digit numbers; using the four basic operations of mathematics:  addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Abacus calculations are computed mentally, without the use of an electronic calculator.

Children of all ages can surely benefit from the unique mind-building system offered by MegaMind Abacus.

Pairing your children’s educational program with a reliable tutoring service ensures superior brain development during the formative years of your child’s cognitive developmental process. This early start in educational development enables children to grasp the concepts of arithmetic calculation early on in life. Your child will be prepared for math, at higher level, than their current grade level. This step up helps boost the confidence level of your child now and well into the future.

There are 8 levels in the MegaMind program. Each level takes approximately 3 months to complete. Many parents observe a great improvement in intellectual prowess following completion of Level 2. Students will gain the full advantage of the MegaMind system through regular attendance, during the complete 2 and a half years term.

By using an abacus children utilize concrete beads, instead of the traditionally abstract method that is regularly used for teaching math in school.

Children who perform mental math for mind calculations enrich their memory and improve their ability to concentrate in the classroom. The MegaMind program employs speed writing to improve reflexes and dexterity in children. This innovation aids children’s responses to daily life challenges. Our integrated process focuses on active listening and thinking.

MegaMind Mental Math program utilizes multisensory techniques, to build coordination capabilities for visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile senses. A multifunctional interdisciplinary method of education is known to be extremely effective for the intellectual and emotional development of students with learning disabilities.

At Megamind, we also offer tutoring in the Core French Program, extended French and French Immersion programs. Our tailored program suits students with tools, to become fully proficient in speaking, reading and writing in French.

MegaMind Abacus Academy is a member, in good standing of the Canadian Franchise Association. We are participating in the Canadian Franchise Show on Oct 24 and Oct 25th, 2015 (Booth # 101B). Please visit us to discuss options for advancement.  The event will be held at the Toronto Congress Centre, Hall F, South Building, 650 Dixon Road (off highway 401), Toronto, Ontario.

For more information call: 647-927 -6463 / 905-840-0707. Contact E-mail: Visit: today!


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