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The Success Zone

Are you there? Can you feel your achievement? Do you see all that you have accomplished? Can you maintain a pattern of success from all of your efforts?

Some people, it seems, can endure for an extended period of complete victory in all of their activities, personal and professional. This realized potential is likely the result of a strong mental state of mind that envisions and perceives of only triumph in every endeavor.

It has often been claimed by motivational speakers and philosophers throughout history that where one’s mind is so is the person. Is this theory correct? Are you where you believe yourself to be in actual reality? Can you change your physical circumstances by adjusting and modifying your mindset; by refocusing your thought processes?

Do you ever hear about business people, celebrities and even people in your own community who seem to be winners at  just about everything? These people probably only allow their mind to process constant thoughts of winning. They do not allow in any potential thoughts of fear of failure or fear, at all. They live every moment as though they have already completed their every task with complete victory. They are in the success zone.

You are probably wondering, alright – there is a mind state of triumph or a success zone, but how can you get yourself there if you are not already there.  A good start is to begin by associating with people who think positively and who believe in themselves and who have confidence in their abilities to achieve victory for all of their projects, howsoever small or exceedingly large?

Your friends are a reflection of yourself. The mental / psychological states of your personal or professional colleagues will shape the way you envision reality. You need to befriend people who are physically and mentally fit. You can encourage your acquaintances and friends to join a gym and also to think good thoughts. A more realistic attitude, however, is to create new friendships with people who are already working out regularly at gym. Regularly reading and communicating with people who also read often will help you and them to think more original thoughts. New thoughts create new thought processes, which like a brain gym.

There it is, now resolved. You will speak well and do well. You will associate with others who want good outcomes and who believe great things are possible for you and them. You will enter and remain in the success zone!



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Regardless of whatever business you are in you need to have a strategy for success. The first call or initial consultation, with a client, sets the stage for every other future communication, since it is the first impression and these count a hundredfold.

You want to dazzle your potential client with your knowledge of your industry and paint a mental image in your potential client’s mind that portrays you as an expert in your field. But offering too much information can be counterproductive.

Instead you want to present your abilities in a good light. Keep the conversation short and to the point. Ask for a retainer or a consultation fee before the end of the telephone call. Yes, be bold be proud and make sure that your effectively communicate that your expertise has a value.

If you demonstrate your worth through seeming to be a professional in your industry during the initial consultation, then this image will remain in the mind of your client for the duration of your working relationship.

Be clear on your capabilities. Be confident in your skills. Be sure of your ability to deliver superior results. Set a timeline for completion that will certainly meet or exceed.

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There is a clear difference between being in business and being a business that generates a profit. Are you going out for business? More important though, then having profits, is existing as a company has a regular customer base and a good reputation among its demographic constituency.

Whether your company has one store or a chain of locations, your key requirement must be to have a steady following of customers who sing your praises. Some juggernauts department stores have majorly failed at maintaining a customer base. These businesses were going out of business while there competition was going out for business.

Newly emerging chain stores have come to realize that having a large selection of products is only one valuable resource. Great customer service should be coupled with low prices. Otherwise customers will choose to pay less every time.

Large department stores should invest in their staff, in terms of instilling morale; and in developing leadership skills among their management. Staff members who will regularly be in contact with customers should be thoroughly trained on how to smile, how to listen, how to sell, how to upsell and how to ensure superior customer satisfaction.

The right approach will lead to going out for business, while the wrong approach will likely result in a major chain going out of business. The choice is obvious. But will management choose correctly?



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