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How exactly does the transactional process occur? Let’s say you are a small business owner and you want to sell your products / services? You have many inquiries from prospective clients / customers. How should you reply to all of them? Should you actually consider each one to be serious candidate for a business relationship?

Some people just like to talk business without doing any business. As a business owner you need to be cautious and set up protective guards. First you need to require prospective clients / customers to pay a consultation fee. You should create a standard reply e-mail wherein you specify your most prominent accomplishments and sell skills in the way of marketing pitch. You can also create an intake form that requests specific details about the company / person who has inquired about your services and tailor it to find out what the company / person expects or requires from you.

If a potential client / customer does not want to pay your initial fee and / or complete an intake form, then it is also likely that this same person will not pay your any money once you actually do work for them or provide them with product for sale.

A little bit of time during initial screening can save much valuable time later on. Do not waste time doing work for free. Instead take time to qualify leads and to determine which potential client will really becoming a paying one.



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