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Outsourcing is all the rage nowadays. Work is outsourced on a global scale. I have even heard of friendship being outsourced when relationships seem to take a toll on one friend. Product production may be outsourced in whole or in part. Is there a real benefit to outsourcing?

If you purchase Web Design or Digital Marketing services from an offshore provider, then you or your company may save money initially, but may conversely pay big time later on. Every person needs to earn a living. While professional service providers may reduce their prices to gain new clients, they are only willing to do when they have few or no clients. It is in order to become a competitive company that business will offer a discounted rate on fees. Once the company is stable and has a credible roster of clients the company will likely bill at rates that are the norm in the industry.

The same scenario could be said to be accurate for manufacturing. Big automotive companies are well known to outsource the production process for building a vehicle. Parts will be made individually in countries where unions are not strong or non-existent. Wages will likely be lower when no union is present to adequately represent the needs of workers. Therefore, parts will be produced at lower cost than if made locally. The cost of materials may or may not be cheaper if outsourced. Workers will be the main focus in this exploration of business practices.

Eventually less developed countries, which lack a strong union presence, will become more developed and the cost of wages will grow to be on par with local standards. This theory is applicable to all types of services, including production of parts and onsite complete manufacturing of products. There must a reason why only the manufacturing of parts is outsourced, while the completion of the production process is retained locally. Perhaps because the standards for a quality product are only ensured by local workers and local technology, using exemplary quality control practices.

To outsource a production process and / or a service for Web Design and Digital Marketing is a temporary fix to a broken issue of project management on a global scale. If salaries of top executives were perhaps on par with their work responsibilities, then more money would be available to be used to support the salaries of local workers to produce quality products in the country where the products will be purchased. The same model could be applied to any service.

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How can you ensure that you are getting paid now for your work? You offer services, whether they are creative design, marketing or project referrals.

You consulted with the client and possibly even received a retainer payment at the onset of the work. You established a pattern of e-mail correspondence with the client.

You submit completed work at intervals and have now finished the entire project. You want to be paid. The client who now has your work is not responding to your requests for payment. What can you do to ensure you get paid what you are owed?

Options include calling the client and politely reminding them that payment is due, or sending reminder e-mails asking for payment. This strategy may be effective in some cases, but will not likely result in you being paid by a finicky client.

Instead you need to communicate to the client that it is in their best interests to pay you to maintain the business relationship. They need to know that they will have more to gain if they compensate you for your efforts.

You must speak in terms of value added incentives to anyone with whom you conduct business. This is a requirement for business communications, because people act according their own self interest. You need to demonstrate, in theory why paying you will be a valuable investment for the client. If the client realizes that by paying you they will be a get discount on future work or a referral of business that is of equal or greater value, than the amount you are requesting from them, then it will be in their own interest to pay you.

There you have it. Pitch the client on the option for other clients who will pay them there due and they will want to pay you too! You should have real referrals that have been fully qualified as credible leads and present them as salable deals. If you are successful in proving your long term worth to a client, then the client will see you as business partner, as well as a source of business and want to ensure a continued prosperous business relationship with you.

In summary, the best way to ensure that you get paid is to offer the same option to your clients. If everyone is able to be paid, then the economy will function effectively. Make yourself a part of the fabric of the economical structure and you will reap the rewards of the greater interest of society!


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Perhaps you received a job offer in a foreign country, or you may have been reassigned within your existing place of employment. What matters now is that you may need to move. You want to be sure that you can find an equivalent accommodation. You will want to know how to make the right move overseas. If property research is not your job, then you might need help from authorities in this area. Relocation specialists’ are highly trained and experienced to ensure that you will be able to achieve comfort in your desired destination.

You can benefit from experts who know the real property market conditions where you hope to reside. These connoisseurs of comfort will surely be able to assist you in realizing the reality of your dream home. All the components of a new house or condominium will be carefully analyzed according to your: budget, requirements and specifications; by a team of trained relocation professionals.

Factors of consideration could include:

  • Specific location within a city or region
  • Set size of home (house or condominium)
  • Number or rooms / bedrooms / washrooms
  • Nearness to amenities
  • Proximity to public transportation
  • Quality of life

To be sure that your relocation expert will be able to accommodate all of your expectations you need to be specific in your request.

  • Will family members be moving with you?
  • Is your move temporary (few months) or permanent (1 year or much longer)?
  • Are you active in recreational activities / sports?
  • Do you enjoy entertainment?
  • Do you want to be near venues for movies / plays?
  • Do you want to be located near grocery stores?

Also, being clear on the type of work you do and the nature of your job duties can be useful in the design of a relocation plan for you and your loved ones. Depending on how much time you plan to spend at home, versus outside will determine the necessity of a spacious or luxurious home. If you  plan to be out most of time, then perhaps you only need a small space, which should be well decorated to ensure your remain inspired.

Your budget will also have a bearing on your course of relocation. If your employer is going to pay your relocation costs, then your counselor has to work within the allocated budget. If you will bare the burden for your new residence, then you can be lavish in your spending or thrifty while remaining nifty.


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