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The Salesman’s Toolkit

We tend to think that only mechanics or trades people have a toolkit or tools for their work. This is a bizarre misconception. Professionals, who work in rugged or soft-skills industries; such as Sales, Web Design and even in the realm of writing, need tools to do their jobs properly. There is also a Salesman’s Toolkit.

Just as a mechanic may need a wrench to loosen or tighten bolts on a vehicle, as Salesman needs to have the right tools for his craft. A Web Designer will certainly require a computer to design a website and a Writer has to have a device for writing; a pen or a typewriter or a word-processor / computer. What are the tools comprise the work belt for a Salesman:

Here are some items that a Salesman would need to possess to make sales:

  • Pen (Never just one – at least five custom designed pens will gold or silver trim – must also be comfortable to hold and not leak out ink).
  • Notepad (While there is always some paper lying around the office or whenever the deal is to be made, nothing displays professionalism like a Salesman who has his own leather covered notepad for etching out the details of the sale). To get a prospective customer to sign on the dotted line there must be paper on which the terms of the agreement can be written and a fancy pen to seal the deal!
  • Sales Prospects are perhaps the most important component of the Salesman’s tools. If he does not have potential leads to he can prospect and convert into clients, then he will be pitching his sales dialogue as a monologue.
  • Location for Sale: Every salesman should have his own lavishly decorated office, plastered with inspirational quotes and glorifying awards. But to close a more upscale sale sometimes a more debonair setting is required to set the mood. Hotel bars or lobby’s, a conference room at business complex or a family-themed classy restaurant, are among possible venues that are fitting for a first-class negotiation.
  • Whatever the venue for the sales scene – it should smell good. Mints and / or light fragrance could be a good idea for the meeting / sales venue. Just be sure that the client does not have any sensitivity to cologne or perfume.
  • A receptionist or appointment setter is crucial to portraying an image of an established and progressive business.
  • A well-groomed and cordial greeter who will show potential client’s to the meeting room, and offer coffee or other appetizers is a value-added bonus to setting the stage for a deal to be made.



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