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Do you have one? Or many? How can you know if you really have a friend? To have a friend one must be a friend that others want to have as a friend. This is the basis of friendship; two people who are worthy of being friends and who want to have a relationship with one another.

Having friends on social media outlets is not really an accurate representation of true friendship. One can have many friends online, but this does not mean these connections on a social media platform are really one’s friends. One may have one hundred to one thousand plus connections, friends, likes, recommendations and / or endorsements. How accurate or heartfelt these expressions of personal or business references are remains to be seen, the true value of which is also unknown.

One can more accurately know how many friends one has by knowing with whom one regularly associates and with whom one gets together often. Albeit one may meet up with acquaintances, as well as friends.

To know that one is a friend and that one has friend one should consider what it means to be a friend. If one is need of advice, assistance or money, then one may turn to a friend for help. A real friend is their when one is need. If one cannot count on a friend when one is ‘down and out’, then one’s so-called friend is not a real friend. Likewise, is one available to help out another friend who calls upon them for advice, assistance or money? If so, then one can rightfully consider oneself a friend. There is an expression that comes to mind on this subject: “A friend in need is a friend in deed.”

Perhaps to be more true to oneself one should only be friends in reality and in the realm of cyberspace with one’s actual friends. Is this reasonable? If one does not expand one’s online circle or friends, then can one still increase one’s real friendship community? Possibly this is the heart of the matter.

Real friends seem to shine and to draw other people towards themselves. Eventually a community of friends develops and one’s friends meet and become friends to one’s friends. Finally there is a community of friends that has been built. A real community is one that is constituted by friends who care about each other. Do you live in such a community?



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Content That Rocks

You have a Blog or a Website – what’s next? You will need to compose content that rocks. You need to create quality content to populate it. To maintain a regular readership base you will need to constantly compose fresh new copy. Do you have what it takes to write articles that readers want to read? Are you in tune with current news and trends in popular culture? To compose posts that will be shared on social media you compositions need to be intriguing.

The text for your website should be professionally written and reflect a quality business image to your intended demographic. You will want to demonstrate that your company can complete the work it purports to achieve at a high level of quality. The content should be detailed but not boring or overly technical. Be certain to review the composed content for grammar, punctuation, stylistics, syntax and spelling. Nothing is more important than well written content that is free or errors in language. Your readers may be potential customers and a lack of care to specific details, even in the usage of words, displays a disinterest in quality standards, which may cover over to products or the delivery of services. In the realm of the ‘business world’ perception is reality.

Having a blog is not enough. Is the central theme of the Blog known? Are the topics to be written about readily understood? These are important questions. Also, are the postings easily found? Can the postings be quickly searched, by month or by topic? Original ideas are the most marketable and favorable. This initiative can be difficult to achieve and maintain regularly. One may not be as creative as one had first thought. Inviting guest contributors / writers to submit content is an excellent way to ensure variety among your Blog’s posts.

Knowing something about the online reputation of contributors is worthy of note. The reputation of guest writers will carry over into your blog. Requesting applications and samples of potential contributors’ compositions is a valuable option for ensuring the continued quality of the content on your blog. Sharing of your posts on social media is certainly important. Creating options for ‘social shares’ of your articles is a necessary component of building, maintaining and sustaining a loyal readership constituency. The more options a blog has for sharing the better for shares to be made by readers. But one does not want to litter one’s blog with share buttons. A dropdown or expanding sharing field that contains / lists social media outlets is optimal for preserving the design quality of your blog, while allowing for your content to be circulated online. It is reasonable to have no more than five major social share buttons atop the main page or alongside the internal pages of blog.

Managing social shares of your posts is integral to maintaining a readership constituency. A service such as offers the option to manage multiple social media accounts through one access point and by way of one control panel. If you have a WordPress Blog there are likely some great plugins that allow for social shares and social media management.



















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