Historical Perspectives

We, the global collective of the world’s population, often wonder about world events and history. While we may seem to be certain about events and their causes and resulting effects […]

Man in Mirror

Did you ever hear the song: Man in the Mirror, sung by Michael Jackson? One of the lyrics is: “If you want to make the world a better place, then […]

Inverted Madness

Why does it seem as though those with less are always expected to achieve more and those with more are required to do less? This theory of behaviour is known […]

Sleep Yoga

Andrea Ellsworth is a featured writer on LinkedIN having composed and published thirty seven posts. She has more than two thousand loyal followers. Her articles focus on beauty, fashion, health and well […]


Friends Do you have one? Or many? How can you know if you really have a friend? To have a friend one must be a friend that others want to […]

Finding You

Finding You Can you remember the last time you knew who you were or were presently aware of who you are? Is there are way to get back to the […]

Think It – Do It Now!

Are you ready to enter into a new mind-space or state of mind? Here comes the phenomenology you have been eagerly anticipating. The question was posed and rightly put in […]


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