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To Think More Than One Thought At A Time

Is it possible for mind to process more than one thought at any one instant? Can you do it? Can you think multiple thoughts? There is an idea of multitasking. Is this really possible? To do more than one task at any one time in the space of the world is not possible. That is it is not seemingly possible for people, but could be for a machine. Walking and chewing a candy at the same time are not really simultaneous activities, even though they may seem that way.

Can you conceive of a thought when you are not physically focused? If you are not without any distractions of sight or sound or touch would you really be able to think a clear thought. By touch is meant your grasping or connecting with the world by means of using one’s physical being. Is this possible? One who is sitting or who is standing or lying down is surely doing so somewhere in the construct of reality and within the physical world. Whether it is only one’s feet, or hands, et cetera, one is at all times interacting in a visceral way with the physical world. How can, one have a pure, or clear thought?

Let us take for example that one is reading a book. Does it matter if one is reading it aloud for one to be able to focus on the content and context of the written text? Is one able to better read the words on the page if one actually holds the book in one’s hands, rather than reads from the book while it is placed upon a table or desk? Does the position or the angle at which one holds the book determine one’s eye level and at all affect the speed and intensity of one’s ability to perceive and input the information from the book into one’s brain? What about how close or far one holds the book from one’s face? Could the placement in terms of spatial distance determine the vibration of one’s words back from page, and simultaneously affect one’s ability to process the information being conveyed from the words upon the page?

When one is reading, quietly / silently or out loud, either way, is one not hearing one’s thoughts being processed with each word one’s scans by the process of reading? Thoughts have sounds? Is that right? Is there a measurable device to monitor ones individual thoughts being processed? If there is way to know that one is thinking a thought, then could it be determined whether or not is able to think more than one thought at any one instant in time?

When one reads it seems that one could be distracted by other wandering or roaming thoughts and then one will need to refocus. What happened? Where did one’s mind go? There are words upon the page that one is reading and upon which one surely focused. Where are these other thoughts coming from? More importantly why is one’s brain being distracted? During this seemingly simple process of reading one can potentially have numerous thoughts at what seems like the same time. Is this correct? Or is this just how it seems?

Are the thoughts part of a process that is really occurring at a different time, in actuality and it just seems as though there are multiple thoughts being processed. But could it be more correct to realize that these simultaneous thoughts may have occurred at a prior time and we are just now catching up on the reality, which seems to presently occur? Our ideas are passing through a filter that has cleared them for entry into the existence of the actuality of reality. Now they emerge. When do these thoughts burst forth to the surface of reality? When we do not want or need them to clutter one’s mind. One is now reading. It is only important that one has thoughts about the words one is now reading. Eating pizza tomorrow is not relevant to the matter at hand? Or is it? Where are your thoughts now? How many did you just have? Were they all at the same instant or moment in the world as you know it to be?





















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