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What is this phenomenon known as Crowd Funding? One might mistakenly believe it means that one can fund a crowd. It is actually the reverse option. You can get a crowd to fund you.

How does Crowd Funding work and who will give you money? What do these people want or expect from you?

Crowd Funding was initialized into society as a result of the global community mindset that has become commonly shared by Internet users locally and internationally. This option for fundraising is available for individuals, businesses and would-be start up companies, among other entities.

You tell your story by way of a profile and provide a short personal or professional video that explains your reason for wanting so-called community assistance to help you advance in your life situation. Then various people who peruse these websites, at their leisure can choose to contribute money to your campaign. When you reach your funding goal you get paid by the Crowd Funding hosting website, less their commission for permitting your campaign on their platform.

There are popular Crowd Funding websites for individuals such as or Options for Crowd Funding include, but are not limited to:,, If you need assistance to design and manage your Crowd Funding campaign then there is professional management and representation available from: There is a even a membership association known as the National Crowd Funding Association of Canada that  host events and offers useful resources to be successful in Crowd Funding (

Speaking of events, is anyone getting married soon? Want your gifts to be in the form of cash rather than items that you will never use? If so, then you should register with today. Let your invitees / guests know that you have register and advise them that they are encouraged to donate generously to your wedding fund. Certainly you will use the money raised for something relevant to your new start in life with your spouse, such as a house.

This website lists the seemingly top ten Crowd Funding websites on the World Wide Web: If you are a Crowd Funding website that may need help in dispensing money from raised from Crowd Funding campaigns then there is help from this website:, which offers payment options, such as pre-paid debit cards, e-cheques and much more.

Why wait? Set your goal, get funded and spend the money to make your dream a reality!


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Five Reasons For a Financial Advisor


  1. You need the expertise of a Financial Advisor to evaluate your financial situation. Knowing how much money you have for spending and for saving is crucial. Some of your money may already be allocated; but it can be converted into cash. While other investments could be invested for a set term. You could have a savings account that is not offering a competitive rate of interest. A Financial Advisor can help you to realize better options for investing your money; with a bank or other financial institution.
  2. Perhaps you could earn more interest on your money by investing it in mutual funds. Mutual funds provide the opportunity, to have your money professionally invested in a group of stocks; as part of an organized portfolio. Your money will be managed – by a licensed and fully trained – fund manager, who has accredited designations, from the Canadian Securities Institute. A Financial Advisor can guarantee that your money is assigned to a reputable Fund Manager. A Financial Advisor has been properly trained and received relevant certifications. A Financial Advisor has a wealth of experience and can maximize the potential of your portfolio.
  3. You need the expertise of a Financial Advisor, to determine if you have adequate insurance. Perhaps you have many insurance policies and are uncertain as to the full benefits of coverage. You may be paying too much money for the coverage provided. A Financial Advisor can review your policies, to ensure that you have relevant insurance coverage. Your insurance products should be tailored to your lifestyle and long term goals. Some policies can be redeemed for their full value if not used. A Financial Advisor can review your policies with you, to make sure that you will be able to receive the maximum benefits.
  1. A Financial Advisor can evaluate your mortgage insurance policy. You will need sufficient coverage to protect the balance of your mortgage. Do you know if your current coverage is sufficient? Do you know the benefits of having privately held insurance, to cover a mortgage balance? A Financial Advisor can provide you with options for mortgage insurance, which can cover you, regardless of your age, which may not be the situation with your current lender.
  1. Retirement planning is another arena where a Financial Advisor can provide reliable guidance. Will you have enough money to retire? Will you have to pay penalties or fees when you cash-out your Registered Retirement Savings Plan or Registered Retirement Income Fund? Do you know all of the details, on the benefits of government retirement benefits? Are you aware of the available options, such as; Canada Pension Plan, Canada Pension Plan Post-Retirement Benefit, Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement, Low Income Allowance, and International Benefits, if you worked in or lived in another country? A Financial Advisor can provide specialized advice. A Financial Advisor will make sure you are aware of various strategies for ensuring a stable retirement; as well as many other possibilities.



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Rate of Return on Investment 

What is your return on your real property investment? You need to evaluate in more than plain dollars and cents. It is not only what you scoop in terms of profit in a real estate transaction in relation to your initial investment. Rather your calculation should encompass all relevant components of the deal.

Perhaps you spend time and effort to find and secure the right agent to list your home. The amount of time you allocated to negotiating your sale price and the agents’ commission is an investment of your time and energy, which you may not be able to reclaim in terms of actual money. Also, you may have needed to hire trades people to renovate and improve your property to bring it up to a saleable state. These monies also count as part of your financial commitment to your estate.

What about time and expertise you may have devoted to consultations with the person responsible for staging your home? Surely any fixtures you needed to buy to set the right stage for your home, as well as any decor upgrades have a quantifiable value that you should strive to recoup. Not to mention the time and effort you allocated to finding the right real property Lawyer, or for securing of the right title insurance.

There are many Lawyers who work in real property transactions, but not all of them are specialists who carry specialized title insurance. Some title insurance companies such as Title Plus may offer protection for unpaid utility bills, owing maintenance fees and debts related to partially purchased appliances. Some policies with some title insurance companies could offer insurance for a set time after move into a Resale Condo for originally purchased appliances. Other policies may offer coverage for repairs that need to continued or completed to due to irregularities in building permits.

Could you imagine buying a property that is on a road that to which you, as the new owner, do not have legitimate access. Or your may have bought a property that has a right of way that permits a neighboring property owner to drive across / through your driveway to access their home. Having a qualified Lawyer who specializes not only in real property deals, but also who is an expert in irregular land deals is a plus, when buying a home. Moreover, a unique or all encompassing title insurance policy is worth much more than what you may pay for coverage.



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